Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Possible Coursework Crossover

With the start of the second semester we have been assigned a task in advanced animation to make an advert of some kind. This cam be to promote a game. Stewert and I both thought it would be a good idea to work on an advert or intro piece for this modules game, Harker vampire hunter. Its still early days and were only in the story board phase at the moment. If we dont come up with a strong enough idea or plot or think the workload will be too much i assume then we would scrap the animation and focuse on a more small scale project.
Heres the first page of my fist attempt at a storyboard for the intro.
Sorry the quality isnt the best

Iv also been working on the Harker model as i was not happy with it. Il show the progress in the next post.

Sunday, 1 January 2012


Sorry this post is long overdue, this model and texture were dun for pitch too bad we couldnt see them. Oh well stuff hapens. Wel know better next time.
Anyway hers the model.
This is the mesh 740 polys:

And here is it with the color texture, was having a little trouble with the normal map but will get it up and working soon.

Heres the texture map, it might need redun but is sill a work in progress:

Whlie im here il post a thin version of the ghoul i made:

This image shows the origonal heavy built ghoul along with a skinyer version also a blue and a pink color , these might be used to show different strengths of enemies.