Thursday, 10 May 2012

The End is Near!

Hand in for project media is tomorrow, had reflect yesterdayand showed this project off. Here is the video i made for the presentation showing all the final animations:
Hope the amount of work iv did for this project shows. Good luck everyone hope ur projects go well too.

Sunday, 22 April 2012

User Interface

Runing low on character stuff to do i moved on to user interface:
Designed menus through some sketches with the game designer and came up wit  this:

this is the start menu:

When the player taps the screen this pannel slides in with the games options:

In game ui elements:
unpersed arrow button:

Pressed glowing arrow button:

These are the signs indicators for the hud:

This is the game over screen. Is meant to look like other similar games of the genre.

Finally this is a vignette which will be placed on the you'l layer to add a gritty finish to game game and add that little bit more polish which finishes the game off.

Still to come :

Branch points options . eather arrows , or names of directions, or images of paths or images and text of path will look at other games for influences on how they handle it, sutch as killer 7 and house of the dead.

Art in general update

As far as the rest f the art for the project is going. Darren has finished all the rooms and wells and textures for the rooms. The last thing to do is some more objects for the botom path but is not a priority at the moment.
Stewart has finished the grand hall and has packed all the uvs and textures into about 5 diferent texture maps.
We are having issues with lightmapping and normals at the moment as after its been lightmaped down the bump maps dont react to the light attached to the camera. We are looking into ways around this.
We were having problems at the last crit with the android settings but i had some spare time and gaind acses to a freinds phone to test stuff and fiddleed with settings till things worked so the graphical isues we were having are now resolved but the controll problems are still there. Its up to the programers to get them working now. Most of the srt is dun.
Also testsd alpha textures on the phone as we thought it may be a problem but it seemed to work. :D

Animation time again

For the presentation i put together another video:
It shows the banshee animations , wolf animations and an early mirror arms animation:

Panic time.

Not time to panic because theres no time left but because the games designer wanted a panic event in, basicaly a quicktime event in whitch arms reach out of a mirror or painting and grab Harker and attack untill shaken off.
this is the reference image Fraser told me to work to: He wnated long pail pointy arms.
Here is the textured model: - 400 faces, 27 bones. I was limited to only having 4 arms due to the unity mobile recomended bone limit, as 4 used 27 and adding any more woudl take it over the roughly recomended 30 for best performance.

About time for a Banshee

One day when we were at a meeting i decided to start work on another enemy so looked at the wish list of enemies and saw a vampire bride/banshee.
i drew a new concept to keep show the team. Got the ok form the designer and started work on her. didnt take long and i reused the bones from all theother characters as a base for her animations and stuff to save time.
insted of walking she will hover and insetd of walking towards harker she will stay away and lanch sonic wave projectiles at harker.
here is the sketch:

Heres an image i made for my portfolio showing her off.

Wheres the warewolf?

It was always planned to have a warewolf jump through a window in a later stage in the level so i decided to start work on one.
 I rememberd that i had did some work on awolf like character earlyer that year so i reused a lot of the mesh then reused and textured it:
Heres the origonal: a zelda model made ot look hand drawn.

these were the concept sketches i was working to:

Here is the adjusted mesh 1124 faces, slightly higher than the rest of the models but its a special enemy and is still within the unity recommended phone specs.
31 bones again on the high side but still around the recommended unity moblie specks.

Heres the renders mesh with textures:

Heres the color and normal map again normal map made with xnormal plugin.

Bumpmap by Darren.

Video update time

For the next presentation i made some more animations and here they are. the client seemed to like them but didnt have much to say about it.

Goblin Revival

We were running low on enemies and i was fed up looking at the ghoul. So Fraser suggested that i reuse my initial test model with a few changes. I updated the textures adn tweaked the mesh a little and then animated it with a Golum like animation set. this character will be fast and low to the ground then jump on the player and mawl them until shaken off.

concept sketch of goblin for very early on in development.

818 faces and 26 bones

textured model, bump maps didnt display right oin render but is on in unity.

heres the texture maps for him,

Bats everywhere!!!

We felt the environments might be feeling a little static so I modeled some bats to fly through at random points to keep the player on edge.

model is 34 faces with 8bones:

Color texture map for bat with alpha channels.

With some help from Daren he showed me xnormal a nice ittle program and plugin for photoshop witch is free and works like a charm. With a few tweaks this is a usable texture here:

First animation progress wip

Sorry for not updating in a while im gona post most of the progress in a few short posts.
This video shows the first animations for the gargoils ghouls and harkers arms.

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Possible Coursework Crossover

With the start of the second semester we have been assigned a task in advanced animation to make an advert of some kind. This cam be to promote a game. Stewert and I both thought it would be a good idea to work on an advert or intro piece for this modules game, Harker vampire hunter. Its still early days and were only in the story board phase at the moment. If we dont come up with a strong enough idea or plot or think the workload will be too much i assume then we would scrap the animation and focuse on a more small scale project.
Heres the first page of my fist attempt at a storyboard for the intro.
Sorry the quality isnt the best

Iv also been working on the Harker model as i was not happy with it. Il show the progress in the next post.

Sunday, 1 January 2012


Sorry this post is long overdue, this model and texture were dun for pitch too bad we couldnt see them. Oh well stuff hapens. Wel know better next time.
Anyway hers the model.
This is the mesh 740 polys:

And here is it with the color texture, was having a little trouble with the normal map but will get it up and working soon.

Heres the texture map, it might need redun but is sill a work in progress:

Whlie im here il post a thin version of the ghoul i made:

This image shows the origonal heavy built ghoul along with a skinyer version also a blue and a pink color , these might be used to show different strengths of enemies.