Sunday, 22 April 2012

Wheres the warewolf?

It was always planned to have a warewolf jump through a window in a later stage in the level so i decided to start work on one.
 I rememberd that i had did some work on awolf like character earlyer that year so i reused a lot of the mesh then reused and textured it:
Heres the origonal: a zelda model made ot look hand drawn.

these were the concept sketches i was working to:

Here is the adjusted mesh 1124 faces, slightly higher than the rest of the models but its a special enemy and is still within the unity recommended phone specs.
31 bones again on the high side but still around the recommended unity moblie specks.

Heres the renders mesh with textures:

Heres the color and normal map again normal map made with xnormal plugin.

Bumpmap by Darren.

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