Sunday, 4 December 2011

Look and feel tests around pitch , stuff i missed in other posts

We are still arguing about a good control scheme.
The one game we always mention when talking about controllers is rage HD for the iphone. This game is a rail shooter with several different control schemes.
Hers a video review:

I like the jiriscope mode which is only playable on newer devices but is by far the most impressive controle scheme for me , but others in the group like virtual d-pads and stuff but in rage i think it proves it dosent work the touch mode is like a virtual d-pad but better implemented.

With that asside we were talking about moving between nodes and the guyd guys at outplay mentiond killer 7 at the meeting. This is a grate game and one of the only games i no to yous its controll system , rail movements with divergant pathes and a stop and shool conmat system. I thought this was kl so did some concept images to show switching from 1st to 3rd person to limit moving and shooting.

I made a test game quickly in blender using all the models i had at the time to demonstrate switching  beween1st and 3rd person: My laptop is a touch screen so it game a feel for how stuff woudl work .

using the whole side of the screen to move forward and back felt natural and intuitive.

Gargoil sketches

Time to start the gargoils.

Like always begin with visual research.
Heres all the research images i gatherd for gargoils:

Heres the concept sketches i showed the group.

The group was devided between liking the 2nd and 3rd option becaus they couldnt get the first one to load. i attampted modeling number 2 but looks a bit like a frogand would be hard to animate:
798 pollys:

After the frog i realised the gargoil shoul be more upright, like a human , one so i could reuse some of my rig from the ghoul and 2 so it would deform well.
This is my latest gargoil sketch but is still awaiting aproval.

This could be kneeling or standing with arms crossed. 
Il post more 3d stuff when i do them :D

Lack of posting

Hi all iv kind of neglected this blog until now but i want to start keeping it up to date now. il post all the concept stuff i have so far so I'm not behind on anything any more.

So here it is: these images are ones i drew before the first meeting with the group. I had a kind of maddworld meets no more heroes lookin in mind , coz it would look kl and be quick to make content for.

the other artists were more comfturble with a nealistic aproche so i did some other sketches:

i liked this goblin design and used it for a bump map and animation test for unity later on.

After that i did some digital painting to play with color and feel of the characters.

The group realy seemed to like my harker sketches and encuraged me to make a quick 3d sketch of him.

bonus quick 3d model to test unity:

Work stoped on the harker model as it was unclear weather the player will ever see him so it was not a low proority.
there is a simple texture on this model but not in this shot:

Heres the goblin bump map test:

The game did need enemies. we decided that ghouls were a good choice of enemies so i began sketching  in photoshop. 

People liekd a mixture of the designs so i mixed them and went into blender with a good idea of what i was making.
Mesh complete, poly count 644, enough for a moblie game:

Brought it in to unity with a basic color texture: I also made some quick hands and a steak to test out in unity.

A color map and a normal map aplyed:

textures: Added an ambient oclusion map over the color map the color map, realy brought out the detail, and made the character more belevable.

Rigged and animated:

Got basic animations for walk run bite, attack gets hit , jump idle and eatign something off the ground.
About time to start on another character.
Meeting about level deesign pointed to a gargoil being needed next :D