Sunday, 22 April 2012

Art in general update

As far as the rest f the art for the project is going. Darren has finished all the rooms and wells and textures for the rooms. The last thing to do is some more objects for the botom path but is not a priority at the moment.
Stewart has finished the grand hall and has packed all the uvs and textures into about 5 diferent texture maps.
We are having issues with lightmapping and normals at the moment as after its been lightmaped down the bump maps dont react to the light attached to the camera. We are looking into ways around this.
We were having problems at the last crit with the android settings but i had some spare time and gaind acses to a freinds phone to test stuff and fiddleed with settings till things worked so the graphical isues we were having are now resolved but the controll problems are still there. Its up to the programers to get them working now. Most of the srt is dun.
Also testsd alpha textures on the phone as we thought it may be a problem but it seemed to work. :D

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