Sunday, 22 April 2012

User Interface

Runing low on character stuff to do i moved on to user interface:
Designed menus through some sketches with the game designer and came up wit  this:

this is the start menu:

When the player taps the screen this pannel slides in with the games options:

In game ui elements:
unpersed arrow button:

Pressed glowing arrow button:

These are the signs indicators for the hud:

This is the game over screen. Is meant to look like other similar games of the genre.

Finally this is a vignette which will be placed on the you'l layer to add a gritty finish to game game and add that little bit more polish which finishes the game off.

Still to come :

Branch points options . eather arrows , or names of directions, or images of paths or images and text of path will look at other games for influences on how they handle it, sutch as killer 7 and house of the dead.

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